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sterile sclera packaging

Developed at VisionGift's Renowned Vision Research Laboratory

The halo sterile tissue line ushers in a new era in glaucoma and corneal surgery.

It is shelf-stable and can be stored at room temperature. It is ready to use and requires no rinsing or rehydration, making it ideal for both emergency procedures and scheduled surgeries.

Available in cornea, sclera, and pericardium, Halo tissue is available in whole and precut segments.


About Us

Procurement, Advanced Research and Training

VisionGift is both a procurement organization and research facility that provides tissue to surgeons and researchers. We have become a leader of corneal transplant safety and efficacy thanks to our world-renowned Vision Research Laboratory, a quality assurance lab established to improve the condition of donor tissues and safe tissue processing.

Innovation for Safety and Efficacy

Our mission is to help advance the science of ocular medicine by developing and evaluating innovative techniques and procedures, while promoting safe eye banking practices through rigorous quality assurance research.